Monday, March 4, 2013

* Simply Scandalous (House of Pleasure)

Simply Scandalous
Simply Scandalous is the deliciously sexy final installment of Kate Pearce's House of Pleasure series. An intriguing mystery and a secondary romance make this novel a little different from the other books in the series. The sex scenes are still smoking hot and longtime fans of the series will be delighted with the wrap up of all the various storylines.

Unbeknownst to his family and friends, Richard Ross spent his years in France working as a spy for England. Now retired and back in England, he is still mourning the death of his lover, Violet. When a former colleague of his draws Richard back into the spy game, he comes face to face with a ghost from his past.

Violet LeNy is a former spy who broke Richard's heart when she was forced to fake her own death. Fleeing from France, she and her twin brother Jack are working to reclaim their estates and begin a new life in England. Desperate to save herself and her brother, Violet will go to any lengths to regain...

Simply Scandalous (House of Pleasure)

After years of fighting on the continent, Richard Ross has finally returned to London to make peace with his father, and the erotic delights of his stepmother's Pleasure House provide a welcome distraction for his war-weary heart. But he is shocked to encounter someone there

Simply Scandalous (House of Pleasure) is one of best selling in Historical category.

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