Tuesday, June 11, 2013

~ Nauti Boy (Berkley Sensation)

Expected More
Lora Leigh is one of my favorite romantica authors. However, I was NOT pleased with this book. When first reading the excerpt on Leigh's Web site, I was really impatient to get my hands on NAUTI BOY! It looked like another naughty (pun intended) and forbidden love story with promising passion and loads of sex scenes!! Unfortunately, it didn't live up to its name!! So disappointing. I've read more of my share of Leigh's books, including the 1st two books in the Men of August series. Yet this one really does not compare to the August brothers. Sex scenes are pretty tame and lame. Of course, they're graphic, but not original--or titillating!!! There's no provocative dialogue either. Just the usual F and C words, but nothing that really turned me on. Shame! I know this book could have been so much HOTTER! The main characters are not very interesting and the storyline less than engaging. As one who is very familiar with her work, I've come to expect more from Leigh. Although I have 4 more...

Nauti Boy (Berkley Sensation)

Marine Rowdy Mackay has returned home to Kentucky-and to the girl he left behind: Kelly Benton. But before they can engage in the erotic games that have earned him his Nauti boy reputation, he must fight to save her from the deadly threats of a stranger.

Nauti Boy (Berkley Sensation) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

Monday, June 10, 2013

^ Enslaved

An Erotic Tale of Blackmail & BDSM
I don't know why it's taken me so long to discover Claire Thompson's writing, but that is definitely an error on my part. ENSLAVED was....amazing! I loved it. There are certain books that just work for me on many levels, and this was one of them.

I'm a fan of blackmail/non-con themes (in fiction only, of course!), and ENSLAVED hit all the right buttons. The story begins as Sam Ryker, the owner of a software company, discovers that his employee, Rae, has been stealing money from him - a huge sum of money. So he confronts her about it and offers her a deal: spend a month in his dungeon as his sex slave or go to prison for embezzlement. Rae is terrified at what Sam might do to her, but certainly a month in his dungeon is better than spending years in prison.

Sam and Rae have a history together that goes beyond boss and employee. They shared one hot night of sex, and Rae got her first taste of BDSM. Even though she loved it, afterwards she felt embarrassed and...


A dark, edgy BDSM romance… Caught red-handed with her fingers in the company cash, Rae Johansen must choose between near-certain jail time or a much shorter sentence locked away in a BDSM Dungeon. Acceptance means placing her free will, her body and possibly her soul in

Enslaved is one of best selling in Erotica category.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

>> Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents)

Jaw Dropping Glimpse of a Gigolo
Alexander Maples AKA Alley Cat and AKA Daddy Long Stroke is a sex addict. Working with an unusually large tool (LOL) and possessing extraordinary oral skills, Daddy Long Stroke is a beast in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, he exhibits misogynistic tendencies and is repulsed when a female shows any sign of emotional dependency. Extending tenderness is out of the question for him. Financially secure, he is a con man, a gigolo who needlessly swindles women out of their assets. For Alley Cat, defrauding women is recreation...a fun sport.

There is something to be said about the dozens and dozens of women all over the country who initially meet him online, and then want to sample his goods. He never promises anything more than his deep stroke, and yet his sex partners foolishly pursue him, blowing up his phone, texting him, begging to spend time with them...wanting more than he is willing or capable of giving.

This novel should be a wake up call to any woman...

Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents)

Dramatic, bold and racy, Daddy Long Stroke uncovers the shocking and painful reality of some men’s belief systems about women and sex. Cairo offers readers a voyeuristic look into the mind of a womanizer who manipulates and seduces women by using what he’s got—good loo

Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents) is one of best selling in African American category.

Friday, June 7, 2013

^ Dark Desire (Dark Brothers #2)

Where are the characters I met in the first book?
The ending of the first book should have been a clue not to bother with the second book.


Heroine comes back from 6 weeks vacation from Hawaii with her new gay best friend. She will use him to make Jagger jealous and win him back. But wait, she doesn't want him, because he hurt her. She keeps telling him to get lost when he texts or calls her. She even threw him out of her apartment when he came by to talk. But, she still gonna go to the party that his friend is trowing, to seduce and get Jagger back. WTF?!?!?!?

Willow is all of a sudden this tuff chick. F@q this and f@q that, what the f@q and who's the f@q is all you hear coming out of her mouth (aside from Jagger's 4 piercings). Excuse me, but just because she learned how to squeeze 20 f@qs in a five word sentence doesn't make her tuff!!

So, her plan goes up in smokes because Jagger doesn't get jealous, but at the end of the night they end up getting back together...

Dark Desire (Dark Brothers #2)

After the shock of finding out about Jagger's wife, Willow ran. She needed time, needed space to fix her heart. The love of her life has a big choice to make. Her or his wife. When she returns, Willow is forced to face Jagger and his wife Sharleen. She has to face up to the

Dark Desire (Dark Brothers #2) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

^ Taken by Storm (Give & Take)

Taken By Storm is one storm I loved!
This is the story of MJ and Maddie; we learn thru past/present story telling (which I love) that they'd been best friends all their life and decided to take their friendship further one summer...until Maddie runs off breaking MJ's heart in the process!!!
MJ is my lil Puma cub and I'd comfort his broken heart on my head on chesticles anyday! When I found out just how badly she broke MJ's heart I asked Kelli to go back and kill Maddie off! I hated her instantly. Kelli told me "keep reading" so I did, and then I learned it wasn't Maddie's choice to leave; she was forced to leave because she knew too much. I felt bad for her after that and maybe a little guilty that I asked to have her stoned and be-headed. At times thru the story I still wanted to shake her for being so stubborn and dead set against following her heart and rekindling her relationship with MJ (she does have valid reasons for her hesitation) because you could literally feel the feelings they still have for each other...

Taken by Storm (Give & Take)

The emotional rollercoaster of the USA TODAY bestselling Give & Take series by Kelli Maine continues with MJ and Maddie's story! DECEPTION Maddie Simcoe knows the devastation that comes from keeping secrets. Now, she's desperate to move on from the heartbreak that almost de

Taken by Storm (Give & Take) is one of best selling in Coming of Age category.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

~ Yes, Master

Stark Pleasure

The real world awaits Alice Barlow and her roommate. Their college days are done, so the first item on the agenda is getting a job in order to pay for their new apartment.

Work is something Tristan Stark takes very seriously, although the same can be said for his playtime as well.

Modeling nude is the last thing Alice could ever have imagined doing, yet it turns out to be nothing compared to the time she spends with Tristan. This is the man, with his very explicit desires and demands that Alice wants with a passion so intense she is more than willing to leave her innocence behind.

When it is right, everything falls into place, much like Alice's introduction into the world of BDSM.

Ruby's Awakening

There is a certain type of man Ruby avoids at all costs-a man very much like her sexy next-door neighbor.

Despite getting shot down every time he tries to talk to her, Drake South still hungers for...

Yes, Master

Tawny Taylor "Stark Pleasure" - A job as an artist's model introduces college student Alice Barlow to wealthy benefactor Tristan Stark. And when the charismatic, dominating Stark makes the virginal Alice an indecent proposal, she can't help but say yes - again and again...An

Yes, Master is one of best selling in Erotica category.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

^ The Denim Dom (Siren Publishing Sensations)

Second only to "The Reluctant Dom"
I didn't think anything would every come close to Ms. Dalton's "The Reluctant Dom", but this book does. I loved her introduction to this book...describing how she was into the BDSM lifestyle (Not that her fans hadn't already figured it out, but it was refreshing to read her words about it).

As all of her books are, it was very well written. But probably my favorite thing about this book was reading about all the past characters from "The Recluctant Dom", etc. (I don't know anybody who read that book, who wasn't in tears at some point times while reading it. I have one friend who was reading it on a plane & had so many tears flowing that the flight attendant stopped and asked if she was okay).

Even if you are not a BDSM fan, you will love this book.

The Denim Dom (Siren Publishing Sensations)

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, M/F, public exhibition, voyeurism, spanking, caning, sex toys, HEA] Who needs leather when you can have denim? A denim Dom, that is. Shayla Pierce dumped her lying ex and moved to Florida to start a job at a magazine. An ass

The Denim Dom (Siren Publishing Sensations) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

Monday, June 3, 2013

>>> The Complete "Omaha" the Cat Dancer: Volumes 1-7

Good for Omaha
This version had at least one more episode in the earliest part than I remember from my earlier volumes. I gave them away to an Omaha admirer. The covers are more lurid than those of my earlier volumes, and while I like both I kind of miss the drama of the earlier covers. It's good to see Omaha so available, and I look forward to seeing the conclusion of the series. There is education in life to be had from reading Omaha.

The Complete "Omaha" the Cat Dancer: Volumes 1-7

Now's your chance to own the entire run of this best-selling classic of comics erotica. Omaha is remarkable in that it blends intelligent and captivating story with well-rounded funny animal characters as well as totally guilt-free joyously rendered sex!

The Complete "Omaha" the Cat Dancer: Volumes 1-7 is one of best selling in Fantasy category.

* Head Bangers: An APF Sexcapade (Strebor Quickiez)

Welcome back the QUEEN of erotica!!!!
Was it me or did this book slip under the radar? Zane hasn't published a book in quite a while so when I saw this one I was like, "huh?" Once I got over the shock of seeing this book, I took it up to the counter and said, "one please". Giddy is the word I would use as I waited for my break so I could start reading this book. Would Zane still have "it"? Would we still want to read "it"? Did this book make me want "it"? Ummmm... yes, hell yes, and hell-to-the-yes!!

`Head Bangers' is packed with everything that makes a Zane book a Zane book! Sex, laugh out loudness, more sex, ridiculous drama, more and more sex, and sexy sexyness! This is one of the `Strebor Quickies' but it's also part of the APF series. Don't know what `APF' stands for? Then you best find out! :-) What I wouldn't give for just ONE TIME to be one of the male hosts! One time, is that too much to ask?!

Hope and Faith are twin sisters who are in college getting their study on and their...

Head Bangers: An APF Sexcapade (Strebor Quickiez)

Hope and Faith: two things that everyone needs to survive. But the words take on a different meaning in the form of a set of twins who attend Crockett University in Washington, D.C. As seniors, they are looking forward to a bright future in corporate America. Meanwhile, they

Head Bangers: An APF Sexcapade (Strebor Quickiez) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

* Taken (Give & Take)

Oh, come on.
First off, let me say this: If you buy this book expecting a comparible reading experience to Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty Shades Freed or Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel, as other reviewers have suggested, you will be disappointed. Other than the fact that the heros in these books are good-looking billionaires who are fairly obsessed with the heroine, the stories are not alike in any way.

Now, that being said, this story is written in 2nd Person point of view. Honestly, I had to look up what that even meant because I had not ever read a book in this perspective before. Basically, it's told from the heroine's point of view as she...

Taken (Give & Take)

FIRST TIME IN PRINT! Includes NEW prologue! ABDUCTIONHe steals her away to a deserted island, to the one place she's dreamed of being-the one place she can't go. He's used to buying whatever he wants, but he can't buy her.SEDUCTIONHow can she resist the magnetism of his body

Taken (Give & Take) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

>>> Marly's Choice

I tried to be Fair.....(spoiler alert!)
But I just don't LIKE this series and I won't be reading any further. I didn't even FINISH this book. The sex was NUCLEAR in hotness, but the storyline made it nasty, dirty, and downright tawdry. I couldn't get into it.

I've got nothing against menage or erotica (hello? I BOUGHT the book right?) but the "If you love me you'll do my brothers and me too" and the "NEVER TELL ME NO! I'll BRUTALLY RAPE YOU if you do!!!" Stuff is just WRONG WRONG WRONG.

And she finally comes to the point where sharing herself with all three is HOT and not that disturbing and what does the author do? "If you LOVE ME you'll have sex with this WOMAN"

At that point I was so DONE. And these boys had some seriously serious psychological problems. They were brutally raped as children by their dad and FORCED TO LIKE IT. Instead of dealing with the trauma of abuse? They allow that trauma to be the reasoning behind their boorish, mean, evil, and downright ILLEGAL behavior towards...

Marly's Choice

Marly's love for Cade has spanned her teenage years, and survived strong and intact into womanhood. Her fantasies and daydreams have sustained her, but she's no longer content with merely imagining the touch of his hands, the taste of his kiss. It's time to seduce the tough,

Marly's Choice is one of best selling in Erotica category.