Saturday, June 8, 2013

>> Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents)

Jaw Dropping Glimpse of a Gigolo
Alexander Maples AKA Alley Cat and AKA Daddy Long Stroke is a sex addict. Working with an unusually large tool (LOL) and possessing extraordinary oral skills, Daddy Long Stroke is a beast in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, he exhibits misogynistic tendencies and is repulsed when a female shows any sign of emotional dependency. Extending tenderness is out of the question for him. Financially secure, he is a con man, a gigolo who needlessly swindles women out of their assets. For Alley Cat, defrauding women is recreation...a fun sport.

There is something to be said about the dozens and dozens of women all over the country who initially meet him online, and then want to sample his goods. He never promises anything more than his deep stroke, and yet his sex partners foolishly pursue him, blowing up his phone, texting him, begging to spend time with them...wanting more than he is willing or capable of giving.

This novel should be a wake up call to any woman...

Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents)

Dramatic, bold and racy, Daddy Long Stroke uncovers the shocking and painful reality of some men’s belief systems about women and sex. Cairo offers readers a voyeuristic look into the mind of a womanizer who manipulates and seduces women by using what he’s got—good loo

Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents) is one of best selling in African American category.

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