Tuesday, June 11, 2013

~ Nauti Boy (Berkley Sensation)

Expected More
Lora Leigh is one of my favorite romantica authors. However, I was NOT pleased with this book. When first reading the excerpt on Leigh's Web site, I was really impatient to get my hands on NAUTI BOY! It looked like another naughty (pun intended) and forbidden love story with promising passion and loads of sex scenes!! Unfortunately, it didn't live up to its name!! So disappointing. I've read more of my share of Leigh's books, including the 1st two books in the Men of August series. Yet this one really does not compare to the August brothers. Sex scenes are pretty tame and lame. Of course, they're graphic, but not original--or titillating!!! There's no provocative dialogue either. Just the usual F and C words, but nothing that really turned me on. Shame! I know this book could have been so much HOTTER! The main characters are not very interesting and the storyline less than engaging. As one who is very familiar with her work, I've come to expect more from Leigh. Although I have 4 more...

Nauti Boy (Berkley Sensation)

Marine Rowdy Mackay has returned home to Kentucky-and to the girl he left behind: Kelly Benton. But before they can engage in the erotic games that have earned him his Nauti boy reputation, he must fight to save her from the deadly threats of a stranger.

Nauti Boy (Berkley Sensation) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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