Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~ Candy Licker: An Urban Erotic Tale

Sexy Candy Raye Montana has always dreamed of having a singing career. Candy and her friends Dominica and Vonzelle form the group Scandalous! and get signed to shady music producer Junius "Hurricane" Jackson's number one urban label The House of Homicide. The girls are well on their way to becoming the next TLC or Destiny's Child but how much are they willing to pay for superstar status? Dominica is a true friend to Candy but becomes increasingly suspicious when Vonzelle becomes distant. Candy knows that Hurricane (a.k.a. Cane) is a talented producer but when she becomes his wifey she finds out just how sadistic and possessive he is. To top things off, Cane is a complete disaster in the bedroom. Candy finds herself feeling scared and sexually frustrated. She has to decide just how much of herself she is willing to give up for fame and fortune. Candy better make the right choice because the wrong one could turn deadly. Knowledge is Cane's personal attorney and business manager, but he...

Candy Licker: An Urban Erotic Tale

SHE WANTED TO BE A HIP-HOP STAR BUT THE STREETS GOT IN THE WAY.Have you ever laid down with a man and wasn’t sure if you’d ever get back up? Tossed the sheets with a bone-knocking fear that only a hard-core hustler could produce? Sexed him like your life depended on it,

Candy Licker: An Urban Erotic Tale is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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