Friday, January 18, 2013

^ Passion: Erotic Romance for Women

An erotica collection for the true romantics out there
Plot Summary: Twenty writers contribute to this collection of contemporary erotica with a heavy emphasis on romance, long-time lovers, and new couples. Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (who is also a contributor), "Passion" is a collection that will appeal to romance fans who believe that true passion can only be found where the heart follows.

"When you're together long enough, sometimes even the hottest sex starts to seem rote. Your body might respond, get wet, hard, perk up, but your mind starts to drift and once it does, it's a goner. To be honest, I never that thought that would happen to me, or rather, us."

That opening from Rachel Kramer Bussel's story, "Five Senses," sums up the spirit behind many of the stories within Passion: Erotic Romance for Women. It will speak to women who have been with their partners, lovers, and husbands for many years, past the point where the hunger for each other is automatic, but it's also far from forgotten. Speaking as...

Passion: Erotic Romance for Women

Love and sex have always been intimately intertwined, and Passion shows just how well the two can merge. This collection of steamy stories combines rich and explicit imagery with tales of classic love, letting the best writers of erotic romance bring to life tales that can b

Passion: Erotic Romance for Women is one of best selling in Anthologies category.

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