Wednesday, May 29, 2013

* Bilgewater (Abacus Books)

Wonderfully written, unique story
Yes, this is one of the best & brainiest children's/young adult's books out there. The main characters are misfits stranded amongst "normality" in a boarding school... anyone who has been less than incredibly perfect and popular can relate to the heroine. Gardam has created very unusual, intelligent and deep characters... and she writes with compassion and skill. What begins as a story full of painful non-interaction and isolation moves toward riveting romance and self-discovery and bravery, unveiling the plot with an almost gothic mood. Complex, atmospheric, smart and strong; this is for mature young-readers and for adults who remember their own coming-of-age pangs. One of my most memorable surprise discoveries.

Bilgewater (Abacus Books)

Marigold Green calls herself 'hideous, quaint and barmy'. Other people calle her Bilgewater, a corruption of Bill's daughter. Growing up in a boys' school where her father is housemaster, she is convinced of her own plainness and peculiarity. Groomed by the wise and loving P

Bilgewater (Abacus Books) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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