Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~ Erotic Manga: Draw Like the Experts

More of a demonstration than instructional
This book shows how various artists created specific artworks, rather than actually teaching you how to create manga yourself. It shows a series of pictures which show the development of about 40 individual artworks, from pencil stage to complete full-color. Next to each picture it says things like "now draw the items in the background" or "now fill in the highlights and shadows", without actually teaching you HOW to do these things.

I think a much better book is "How To Draw Manga Volume 20: Female Characters". This book breaks down how to actually draw attractive female characters.

Erotic Manga: Draw Like the Experts

With its adult-oriented themes, Erotic Manga is perfect for grown-up fans of Japanese comics, as well as aficionados of adult art.This book is a comprehensive guide that will teach artists of all levels, from beginner to advanced, the basics of creating characters from shone

Erotic Manga: Draw Like the Experts is one of best selling in Manga category.

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