Friday, February 15, 2013

^ The Complete Marquis de Sade, Vol. 1

A most faithless translation!
It seems to me that John Yankowski must hate reading the real Sade, and wants to make sure everyone thinks it's the most boring work imaginable.

I've read the Grove Press translations of Sade's works, and his "Complete Marquis de Sade by John Yankowski" bears no similarities whatsoever to a quality translation. Under the guise of making the books easier to read, Mr. Yankowski simply removed all detail, depth of argument and, amazingly, most of the actual occurrences from the works. They are most heavily edited, and to awful effect. Whole chapters and events are skipped without a blink, and the rest are badly paraphrased. And he most certainly and thoroughly erases all sense of any "lubricity".

So, if you like your evil fiction to have a breath of life to it, stay away from this version. I'm asking Amazon for my money back on this book and lodging a complaint about its name. The last thing it is is complete!

Now, if only we could get Grove Press to...

The Complete Marquis de Sade, Vol. 1

Adorned with gripping cover art by Man Ray and translated by renowned scholar Dr. Paul J. Gillette, this dramatic collection of de Sade writings includes "Justine," "Juliette," "120 Days of Sodom," "Philosophy In The Bedroom" and many works often scattered among "pastiche" v

The Complete Marquis de Sade, Vol. 1 is one of best selling in Classics category.

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