Tuesday, February 26, 2013

> Hot for the Holidays

hot in some places
I bought this anthology for Lora Leigh and Angela Knight. Both stories were very satisfying. In Lora leigh's addition we are given Hawke and Jessica's story. It takes place about a year after Jessica was caught betraying the Breeds. For such a short story, I felt like I was still given another great slice of life with the Breeds. Its christmas time and Hawke has been waiting long enough for suspicions and anger against Jessica to die down. He is ready to claim his mate. Hawke was very romantic for a wolf under the mating heat. At first I thought that Lora Leigh was making the stories more tame or taking away from the mating heat but then I remembered that the breeds have gotten better with the hormones and medicines they've created to deal with the mating heat. The sex was still spicy Leigh style and the plot concerned the council and the drug they've created that hides their scents. I am fascinated by how this author is going through the plot and giving us a great story line...

Hot for the Holidays

Featuring four all-new novellas of sensual surprises and seasonal spirits, this collection includes a new tale of the Breeds from Lora Leigh and a return to the world of the Mageverse from Angela Knight.

Hot for the Holidays is one of best selling in Anthologies category.

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