Saturday, February 23, 2013

* Man Swappers: A Novel

Sharing Sisters
Keeping it in the family is taken out of proportion in Man Swappers by Cairo. Paris, Porsha, and Persia are sisters who share the same sexual curiosity, adventure, and spontaneous attitude. These sisters share everything including their men. When a man dates one sister, he has to date them all and there is no exception to the rule.

When two of the sisters break the rule, a rivalry begins and changes the dynamics of the sisters relationship. The story takes a turn and the sisters will never be the same. Paris, Porsha, and Persia become different women and realize that sharing is not everything.

Man Swappers is about family, betrayal, and secrets. The author created a steamy, entertaining and consistent storyline that kept me interested. Having been disappointed by the author's previous books, I must say he has finally written a book I enjoyed. The sexual content was not over the top and was actually believable. I recommend Man Swappers to others.


Man Swappers: A Novel

Disturbingly sexy and devilishly delicious, Man Swappers explores the taboo topic of women openly sharing other women’s men.Man Swappers is about carefree and adventurous women who embrace their sexualities without embarrassment, guilt, ridicule, or shame. By day, bombshel

Man Swappers: A Novel is one of best selling in Single Women category.

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