Monday, February 18, 2013

~ Ultra-Gash Inferno

Maruo's uncompromising way of illustrating is unique!
Suehiro Maruo's Ultra-Gash Inferno is a fantastic piece of art, unique both in Japan and in the west.

There is no other artist illustrating aberration of erotic and violent human fantasy in a way as direct and uncompromising as he does: love making at the cemetery amidst vermin and rotten fruit, love making in the canalization, love making with grandmother, love making of lovers with their arms being cut off and their eyes being poked out or having group sex with Buddhist monks. Just as grotesque as these various situations is the way the heroes in Maruo's stories live, decide and act: there is a boy who grows up in canalization, a boy who kills his parents, because they laugh at him and he does not know why, a girl who inserts the eye of a bird into her vagina, eats excrements with her two lovers and loves licking banisters, a boy who can sleep only after having put his genital between his grandmother's dental prosthesis, a girl who orally satisfies her leprous father, and a woman...

Ultra-Gash Inferno

With influences ranging from 19th century atrocity prints to the Sex Pistols, and obsessions with horror, scatology and human freaks, Maruo has taken the "erotic-grotesque" (ero-guro) style of manga, a unique fusion of sex and violence to its ultimate extreme.??Ultra-Gash In

Ultra-Gash Inferno is one of best selling in Manga category.

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