Thursday, February 14, 2013

>>> Temptation: A Club Destiny Novel (Volume 2)

mixed feelings equal mixed review...I wanted to love it!
Temptation (Club Destiny)
By: Nicole Edwards

I absolutely loved the first book Conviction, I gave it 5 Stars, loved the characters, and I loved the story. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about this second installment of the series.

Conviction had characters I cared about with the hot steamy sex, even the menage' sex scenes were incredible. I inhaled the book.

But, Book 2: I never connected to Luke, who I found to be incredible frustrating. My number one pet peeve: "conflict due to vague communication and inaccurate assumptions, that go on for chapters to resolve" He doesn't know his feelings, he can't express them when he does know, the entire length of the book was addressing this. I felt like the same scene was being repeated over again.

At times I wished She would just run away with Cole, or back to Nashville, it left me feeling disconnected, to the characters and the story. The sex, yes it was over the top sexy, no...

Temptation: A Club Destiny Novel (Volume 2)

Sierra Sellers has never had a problem finding a date, but when her mother's meddling ways result in her being set up with the intensely sexy Luke McCoy, owner of Club Destiny, Sierra learns she can't fight temptation. When he unleashes her deepest, darkest fantasies, she fi

Temptation: A Club Destiny Novel (Volume 2) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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